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Nightmare Manor, Rochester, NY - Nightmare Manor - This haunted attraction is the latest from professional haunter Troy Driver, who also once ran the Nightmare Express haunted train ride in the Rochester, New Yor... More
Haunted Hayrides of Greater Rochester, Williamson - Haunted Hayrides of Greater Rochester - This haunted attraction in Williamson, New York is the longest-running haunted hayride in the Greater Rochester area. The hayride is a 25-t... More
Haunted Trail in Holley, Holley, NY - Haunted Trail in Holley - Since 2007, the Haunted Trail in Holley has been offering up Halloween chills in the form of an outdoor haunted house. The haunt operates 2 weekends in O... More
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A New Direction... - Hello kids!~ It's been some time since i have devoted any time to the Greylight Library or the stories that i have written and it has bothered me deeply. I guess seeing this site nearly abandoned again, kind of doesnt impr...From Greylight Library
A Gift? Or Schizophrenia? - From doctors i've been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Where i can hear and see things that others dont. Ive seen occurances of ghosts when no one else has. I hear disembodied voices. I cant sleep at night, afraid of hea...From Creep crawling sensations
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